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Det senaste från oss och lite "know-how" om webben.

Skapat 2018-09-03 | Övrigt

Meet Aivars from our office in Riga

I wrote my first lines of code on a ZX Spectrum home computer – or as the Soviet version is called: ZX Spectrum “Орель бк 08”.

Programming on the ZX Spectrum was not the smoothest way to go. In order to load something as simple as a game you had to do some coding because one had to do some coding just to load games. When I wasn’t coding on that machine I played around with one of my tape recorders; adjusting sound and frequencies to produce the best “sound data”. If hadn’t fallen in love with coding I would probably do something completely different… like being a famous singer/model/hockey player!


When I studied for my bachelor’s degree in computer science I was working as a computer system administrator/technician/user support for acompany with about 100 users. I quickly realized that I didn’t want to work with that because helping users retrieve their password is only entertaining x amount of times.
After my I got my master’s degree in communication design in Germany I returned back home to Latvia and started to work as a backend developer at several digital agencies. I got a huge amount of experience with several PHP frameworks, content management systems, e-commerce platform. I even coded my own CMS (what a waste of time).

At the digital agencies we were doing everything that can be displayed on screen. At one point I was also responsible for video editing, video animations, filming and live streaming of events, so when I slowly moved over to front end tasks I found that the concept of working in front end wasn’t strange to me. I am not afraid of challenges so I was, and still am, always ready to do something new. Mistakes can still happen no matter where you are in life or your career - but that is how we all learn!

In April I joined the super awesome Awave team as an addition to the Riga branch. I work as a Full stack developer, and I hope to be able to use all my knowledge and experience in small in big projects - and of course gain even more experience and coding wisdom. As for now I’m feeling fulfilled and happy that I work with something I love and learn more about every day.
I’m enjoying every minute and it’s a great feeling to wake up and be happy when I’m going to work.

You probably wonder what I do in my free time… my question to that is: what is free time? As soon as I leave work I dedicate my time to my family and two kids, so there is almost no free time. But then again – family time is time well spent! We mostly spend time together just us and sometimes with our extended family in our countryside house. There is always something to do on a countryside.
Besides that, I do a bit of longboarding, cycling (mostly to travel from point A to B), a bit of music (playing guitar) and if there is time left I try to learn new things or work on some small weekend projects. That’s me!