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Det senaste från oss och lite "know-how" om webben.

Skapat 2018-09-10 | Teknik & CMS

Why Awave uses Drupal

Drupal is a good CMS if you want a site that is both fast and can hold a lot of data. It comes with built-in field management, content management, user roles, permissions – the list can go on for a while. Since Drupal comes with so many features bundled in, it actually lowers the development time because the coding is faster and easier. 
You can create any content on a Drupal site. You can customize anything to fit your taste. You can create any website type that you want – the options are endless!

Drupal is open source
Drupal is free and open source. Drupal was released back in 2000 and since then the members of the community are continuously helping to find bugs and fix them fast.

Drupal is secure
The Drupal ecosystem is very secure. All 3rd party modules are submitted to Drupal.org and are then verified to have good code and are also tested to find any security issues. This ‘health check’ is why in most of the cases when you download or/and install a module in Drupal you shouldn’t worry about security.

Drupal is flexible
In the Drupal 8 release the CMS comes with built-in RESTful API. That means, that you can even use Drupal as headless backend, and use any top-notch frontend framework (React, VueJS. You don’t have any limits. You can use Drupal as a regular website with only content management or you can use it for e-commerce and mobile applications. 
Drupal also comes with built-in role management. That means you can separate content for different roles. You can build your companies intranet (internal website) with different access levels. You can easily say which user should be able to see what content, files and much more. 

There are really are no limits.


The Drupal community is very big and well organized. All the documentation is well written, the forum where developers seeks for helps is good. There is even a forum for website administrators where they can learn how to use Drupal.

If this sounds like a CMS for you and your business – give us a call and let’s talk!