Några ord om från vår nya COO i Riga

En kille som gör en rolig min

Juris har varit med oss som utvecklare i Riga under flera år, nu har han blivit vår nya COO i Riga, nedan några ord från honom.

When i was younger (around 14 years), i was playing games as many kids. Especially Counter Strike. At some point i realized that i want to own my own game server.

This was beginning of everything.

I started to learn how to build my own server. It took my couple days to understand linux basics and setup a server. After a while, i realized that my server needs a forum and some website, so i started to look into that. Fairly fast i was able to setup everything that i wanted – server, website (CMS), forum (CMS) and statistics for game server.

At this point mission was accomplished, and i was happy.

After a while, i went to professional secondary school where i was learning  “Multimedia design specialist” . On second or third course i had to take qualification practice in any IT/Design company. I found one company that was owned by my friend from game I was practicing there for 3 months as web designer, but at some point i realized that my passion is not design but to code – make things work as i want. So started to learn development by me self with google and couple books. This company also gave me a chance to work as “Junior” developer. This is where my career started as developer.

Biggest jump in career as developer for me was (at-least i think so) when i joined one startup called “AppMode”. I was still “Junior” but start-up crazy atmosphere and unreal deadlines was a good way how to learn all things super fast. I had amazing senior developer as mentor. We didn’t had time to stop and think, we were building non-stop. After couple months i was ready to work without mentor. And step by step, year by year i got better and better. Catching up latest technologies and following web tendences.

Now i am here in AWAVE. Working with big clients and amazing team. I am proud to be a part of this amazing company and amazing people here.