New launched! hemsida

Many workplaces experience a slower tempo during the summer or even close their offices for a few weeks. At Awave we might have a few coworkers on vacation, but still maintain our topmost level of delivery and service.
This of course also means that we finish up sites as we go, and to prove that we are happy to present the completely new page for Ehandel.

Ehandel are the biggest meetingplace in the Nordics for people working with E-commerce and daily publish news and articles regarding this.
They also add value to their members by not only offering insights and reports from their common market but also special offers from partners regarding everything from marketing to freights.

Below are quotes from the 2 developers that has done the main part of the development regarding the project:

”In addition to building a new WordPress-site for we were tasked to migrate approximately 15 000 articles from their previous site. A migration like this basically consists of two steps:
Normalising and exporting all data from the previous database, and then importing them into the WordPress database for the new site.

Doing this there are a lot of things to take into consideration and it is important that the solution is idempotent, meaning that you should be able to do the same thing multiple times without changing the desired result. Importing 15 000 articles including text, images, categories and authors means there are a lot of things that could go wrong, and you will need to modify the solution and run it several times to make everything work. Working with we managed to come up with a solution that took all these things into consideration, and we successfully managed to deploy their new site with all the articles from their previous site.”

WordPress is always evolving and with each new release, it provides us with new opportunities to push it further. With we were tasked to build a clean and functional looking news portal, with a lot of deep customisation possibilities, yet the site must always appear consistent and protect itself from user error.

Homepage is completely admin-customisable, with every visual row consisting of a separat component, all of which may be duplicated/removed/rearranged. Each article slot is intelligent and may be populated by various article types, may be dynamic and populated from a group which all share the same slot or multiple slots.
All while an overarching logic scans throgh all this customisation and ensures that no duplicate ever appears, ensures that date/time specific articles appear/and hide from specific slots at specific times.

A completely custom, multi tier permission/user group system allows specific author groups only have access to specific article categories, this enables many authors to work on the site at the same time, without creating confusion or interference.
The web site also benefits from mobile optimisation, ensuring a great tablet and mobile experience.”